Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My lesson for this week is how to plan a three year olds birthday party.
Most people would assume that this is as easy as one..two..three, but as a first time parent it requires a lot more concentration and creativity. I also know that most of us as parents want our cildren to have a exciting party. First, you have to pick a theme for the birthday party. This monday Laye's birthday theme was Minnie Mouse. Second, it takes the time to buy the decorations for the party, ordering the cake, and making a list of everyone you want to come. Now you must remember it is best to keep all this in the same theme.   Laye's party had around twenty-five people at our house, and it was such a mad house. We had lots of pizza, and chicken wings. The funny thing is Laye started crying when we sang ' happy birthday' to her, and no one knew why. She recieved lots of presents from clothes, dolls, balloons, and even a new princess riding jeep. The first thing she did was go outside in her new car, and start driving it around with her cousin. Now I could tell my daughter will be a real girly-girl cause she looked at me while driving her new jeep to say, " mommy, will you go get my purse?" All I could do was laugh, because every girl knows they can't leave the house without there purse. So my advice for all future parents is plan your childs party in a theme that they enjoy. Don't spend your money on real high price toys, because most likely they will play with them once and throw them down. Last but not least just have a good time cause they are only little once!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My lesson for this week is what you should let your children name there pets. Laye has a childhood obsession with Scobby-doo. She will sit there for hours watching reruns of this show. Well my aunt has a cat that recently had kittens. Laye wanted a kitten really bad so she asked her dad ( daddy-j). Of course he told his babygirl yes ( as always) and so she wanted to pick out her very own kitten. All my aunts kittens were gray except for one boy that turned out to be orange ( how unusal is that) ?! I ask Laye, " what do you want to name your kitten?" Laye thinks for a second and replys, " Scobby-doo!!" I said Laye do you not know that scobby-doo is a dog? Laye replied, " yes mommy, but I want scobby-doo." I couldn't say no to her; I mean she loves her Scobby-doo. I mean I realize that she knows Scobby-doo is actually a dog, but that is how much she loves this show. She is willing to have a " cat " named Scobby-doo. Now you can only imagine the laughs we get from guest to our house when they hear of our " cat " named SCOBBY-DOO!!!! So in closing my advise for future parents have a good sense of humor when letting your children name their pets.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Parenthood is a blessing to go through in our lifes. Blah blah blah...Now this is what my blog really is about. Its about the things that happened to you as a parent that you can't read in a book on , " this is how you raise a child 101." This is about the things that children do to make you laugh, cry, and even want to pull your hair out.
First and foremost my daughter Laye-Laye will be turning three in a few weeks, and myself ( mama-b) is currently in her senior year in college. Now you can only imagine my normal day; getting Laye ready for daycare, going to classes all day, work all night, and then start the day all over agian. one..two..three...Screaming!!!
First lesson of the week is on potty training. Imagine your child at two using her own potty, and doing everything right. Now imagine this night...
Its a typical night that I have Laye taking a bath in the tub. Shes playing around; laughing and smiling. Out of nowhere she says, " mommy look, whats in here?" So I turn to look to see whats in the water thinking it might be a piece of paper or something. Instead what do I see but a floating " turd." I say " Laye, did you poop in the tub?" She replys " well yes mommy." All I could do was sit there laughing at her cause all along she knew she pooped in the tub.
So my advice to all future parents, make sure your child goes to the potty before bath time.