About Me

People Call me Brittany. I am a senior at Catawba College, and cant wait to graduate in May. I have a three year old daughter we call Laye. My boyfriend and I have been together for eight years; and I love him. I have a strong faith and God is number one in my life. My mom  has been a best friend of mine for a while. I also have a close relationship with all my family. I work at the VA nursing home as a certified nursing assistant. When I get out of school I want to work in public relations, and then work my way to do entertainment.
 My family and I enjoy taking a trip once a year to a new place we have never been before, and I keep a photo album for Laye when she gets bigger. I go to First Freewill Baptist church all my life where my grandfather is my dedicated pastor. I consider myself living a very blessed life, but I do pray that one day my goals will be accomplished. Everyday I have to give thanks to God for everything he has done for me in life, including blessing me with my beautiful daughter.
 Some of the things I love to do in my free time is read. I can read any kind of book that draws my attention when looking for one to buy in the store. Lately my interest has been drawn towards Nicholas Sparks, and his works are very good. I also enjoy watching movies and going to see movies at the theater. I love such movies as anything by Tyler Perry, transformers, fast and the furious, and set it off. I like to go to the park with Laye any chance that I get. One of my most favorite things to do in life is to have family dinners with all my family from my mom, dad, grandpa, and aunts. I love family and that is one of the most important things in my life.