Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Singing in Church

My lesson for the week is that you should enjoy every moment of your childs' life; even the smallest things in the world that they do.

I came up in church ( First Freewill Baptist) cause my grandfather has been my pastor my whole life, and a very good teacher about my faith. So it is very important to me, especially as a parent that I teach my daughter about Jesus and bring her up in church at a young age.

Laye has been going to church since she was a baby, and she loves to sing ( even outside of church). I call her my little diva, because since she was really small she started singing and dancing. At church she will even yell Amen while her grandpa is up there preaching.

My whole family sings in church; I guess its something that runs in the family. So while I'm up there singing a song Laye comes with me and sits on the pulpit in front of me. While she is sitting on it she sings the songs with me. If I start crying during a song she will wipe my tears away and say, " mommy its okay." This always touches my heart in a way that is unexplainable to anyone.

Now my daughter and I have always sung the song together, " this little light of mine," and its her absolute favorite song for us to sing together. Well one sunday at church she really suprised me and told me she wanted to go up there to sing. She got up in front of the whole church to sing, " this little light of mine." It was the proudest moment of my whole life watching my two year old sing in church. I was sitting on bench in the back crying like crazy, because what a wonderful, gifted daughter God has blessed me with.

My advice to all future parents, your children have a way of suprising you in life, even just small moments in life. So let them be independent sometimes because they might WOW you...

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