Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miss Malaysia and The Frog

My lesson for the week is on how a child will make you watch the same movie about a hundred times a day.
My daughter loves to watch movies, and I do too. Yet when my daughter watches a movie she wants to watch it over and over agian.
Well when Laye turned two a movie called, Princess and the frog had just came out into the world. Now I think the movie was very cute, and I loved watching it with her at first. Then my daughter started wanting to watch the movie everyday, and every chance that she got. She could tell you every word to te movie and sing all the songs. For weeks in our house all you heard was...." when Im human, and Im going to be..." this is from a song in the movie.
Then when we would go to the stores she wanted anything that had princess Tiana involved. My mind started going crazy with frogs. She watched the movie so much that the movie begin to skip places while watching it.
Thankfully she finally moved past the princess and the frog phase, but now we have moved to the " Tangled Movie Phase." Please someone help me before I go Disney Movie crazy......LOL.
So my advice to all future parents, you better have a love for disney movies or become a huge fan because that will be all your child wants to watch 24 hours a day...

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