Thursday, March 31, 2011


Interview with Brittany
Guest Post by: Classy with a Twist
I had the chance to interview Brittany from Loco Parenthood with Mama-B. This is a must read interview, because she gives advice that new mother's need to hear. Her incredible blog offer lessons that every mother should be aware of.

1).    Classy with a Twist: Can you tell me about yourself?
        Brittany: I am a senior at Catawba College with a major in Communication Arts. I have a three year old daughter named Malaysia. I love to read, write, and go to different parks with Laye.

2).    Classy with a Twist:  What is a typical day in your life like?
        Brittany: Wow..I have to get up early to get my daughter ready for school and myself. After I take her to school, I go to school across the street. After classes I either go to my internship or to work. I have to cook dinner every night, and then give Malaysia a bath. When I finally get her settled down for the night I have a chance to do my homework. After we go to bed we get up the next morning to start the same routine all over agian.

3).    Classy with a Twist:  Why did you name your blog Loco Parenthood with Mama-B?
        Brittany: Actually my mom helped me come up with the name. I wanted new readers to get a grasp of what my blog was about so thats why I put parenthood in the title. Loco came from the part that most of my post are about crazy things that happen while raising a toddler. Then Mama-b is a name that I started calling myself after I had Laye.

4).    Classy with a Twist:  Why did you choose your blog topic on parenthood?
        Brittany: I chose my topic on parenthood because it is a huge part of my life, but it is something that also brings a lot of joy in my life. I wanted readers to hear the stories that you can not read in a parenting book, but stories that make you look forward to having children.
5).    Classy with a Twist:  How do you handle it when you can’t think of an idea to write about?
        Brittany: Actually this is a funny confession, but when I started this class and decided on my topic for my blog. I went ahead and start a list of topics I would write every week. Kind of dorky I know, but with a crazy life like mine I don't have time to think of a new topic every week.

6).    Classy with a Twist: What is the best advice you have for new moms?
        Brittany: The best advice I have for new moms is to just enjoy all the little things that happen with your child. Even the smallest moments in life can leave an impact on your heart.

7).    Classy with a Twist:  What is the craziest thing you heard your daughter say?
        Brittany: This is funny, but she likes to tell every one that her dad and I  " be drinking a beer." It is so embarrassing but so funny at the same time.

8).    Classy with a Twist:  Is it a good idea to let your child name their pet and why?
        Brittany: I think its a good idea to let your child name their own pet, no matter what the name might be. It shows your childs true personality come out. Then in the future you will have something to pick on them about if they named for instance a cat named scobby-doo.

9).    Classy with a Twist: What is a creative activity you do with your daughter?
        Brittany: Malaysia and I put together a photo album together of places we have visited, and of the family. Laye and myself really enjoy it and it gives us a chance to spend time alone together.

10). Classy with a Twist: What’s the best part about motherhood?
      Brittany: One of the best parts of motherhood is how a child can change your mood in one second. Just looking at you without telling them to and they say they love you. Or when you're at church crying during a song they wipe away your tears, and tell you to stop crying. Even as soon as you wake up all you see is them smiling at you. These are the best parts of motherhood for me; its nothing big but it is the most special part of my life.

11). Classy with a Twist: What comes to your mind when you hear the word Laye?
      Brittany: ONE CRAZY LITTLE GIRL. Honestly she is the blessing in my life, a little angel sent from God, and the child who brings a smile to my face every day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't Tell Me That Daddy!!!

The lesson for the week is on how children at young ages always tell you exactly what is on there minds.
During this years holiday season, Laye was really excited about the upcoming Christmas. I think a lot of it had to do with her daycare telling them about Santa Clause, all the Christmas movies we were watching together, and the fact that we kept going shopping every chance we got. So every time she would talk it was about Santa Clause, and she wanted to open up her presents.
Well Daddy-J decided that he thought that age two she shouldn't believe in Santa Clause, because he didn't want her to grow up to get mad at us one day for the fact we were telling her about a fictional character. I understood his point of view, but I also knew how much Laye was excited about her Santa Clause and I didn't want to ruin it for her. ( this would be a parents' nightmare).
One day we were all at the house ( laye, daddy-j, and me) and her daddy told Laye, " you know Santa Clause is fake, right?" Laye turned around to him with this mean serious face, and told her daddy " don't you tell me that daddy; my santa clause is real." I started laughing. I told Daddy-J that she told him off, and he should just give up on crushing her dreams for this year. Needless to say she continued to believe in her Santa Clause and couldn't wait for Christmas day to arrive.
So my advice to all future parents, don't try to tell your kids that Santa Clause is fake cause they are going to believe in what they want to in the long run no matter what you tell them.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Did you just call the cops on me?

The lesson for the week is on the age that children begin to threaten you.
I always believed my daughter was smart for her age and then one incident occurred that she proved this to me.
I was giving her a bath one night when I had to wash her hair. Now I'm going to tell you this is soemthing she really does not like ever since she was a baby. She is a real ' girly-girl' you better not mess her hair up. Even during the summertime she doesn't like for her hair to get wet when she is in a pool. ;) Well tonight was hair washing time which also means in the land of a three year old, fighting time.
I start off trying to smooth things over by telling her if she washes her hair tonight like a big girl afterwards we can go get some milk when she gets out of the tub. This, of course, did not work at all. So I just had to do things the hard way; wash her hair while she is crying and yelling for her daddy to come get her. The next phase she begins to yell that I am burning her eyes with the soap ( yet no water has even gotten close to her face). She likes to tell me this because she thinks it will allow me to stop washing her hair. Laye will not care if you keep the soap in her hair, but she does not want you to put water in her hair. ( its the oddest thing).
When I finally stopped washing the soap out of her hair, she looked at me so mean. She started poking out those small lips at me, which just makes you melt. Then she grabs her minnie mouse cell phone, and begins to dial random numbers on it. She puts the phone to her ear and says, " come get my mommy." I look at her thinking to myself who is this girl calling, so I ask her " laye, who did you just call?" She turns to look at me with that mean face to say, " I called the cops on you." Let me just say I couldnt stop laughing at her...
So my advice to all future are never too young to get you a knock on your door by the po-po.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Kids Yell Out Embarrassing Things

 The lesson of the week is how a child can always find a way to embarrass you. One week-end Laye, my mom, and myself went shopping at the store Kohl's. It started out as a normal girl's day out, which included a ton of clothes in the buggie for Laye. Which for a three year old seems to always make her smile. When arriving at the check out counter ( also standing in the front of the line of a ton of shoppers) Laye just starts laughing out loud. I look at her with a crazy expression and ask her, " Laye what's so funny?" Then out of no where she yells, " Mommy I Farted...." She begins to laugh some more. Then starts the chain of laughter from my mom, the cashier, and the people who heard her standing in line behind us. At first I have to admit I was a little beyond embarrassed, so I told Laye " you're not suppose to tell everyone that you farted." Well this didn't help to tell a three year old, she just started dancing around singing in her little voice " I farted..I farted." ( while in her own little world). At this point what could I do as a parent but laugh myself. So my advice to all future parents is try not to be " embarrassed" by the things your children say, because honestly they're just trying to learn their own vocabulary.               

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crazy things children say

 The lesson for the week is on the " crazy" things children say.
 First, most women after they have children don't automatically go back to a size '3' waist line ( of course we wish we could), but the reality is that most of us put on some hips and thighs afterwards. I included myslef in this list of fantasy that I could still imagine that I could wear the clothes I wore before having Laye.
So one day I wanted to test out my curosity to see if I could wear a pair of my old size three jeans. ( ha, ha). While Laye and I were at home one day I dug through the closet, and retrived a pair of my old jeans. I took a look at them, and almost passed out just to see how small they were. ( how could I get my big butt in them?) Well I was going to try regardless of the outcome, or how ridiculous I thought this experiment was at the time.
The jeans, little to say could not fit over my hips, but I continously tried to keep shoving myslef into them. Yet the process became much harder when I ended up having to lay down on the bed to attempt to zip these jeans up. So during this emotional train wreck of hard breathing trying to squeeze my ' mommy hips' in these jeans, laye comes over to me on the bed and says, " mommy you too fat.)!!!!!!!
Well this was a huge blow! I mean of course after reluctless breathing I knew the jeans didn't fit, but to have my two year old daughter confirm this to me made it ten times worse.
Of course I took those jeans off and threw them in the closet. I was not going to attempt to squeeze in them agian, and if I did ever have an urge come across me agian I would make sure Laye would not be around.
So my advice to all future parents...don't try on clothes in front of toddlers. You'll never know what they might tell you about yourslef, but usually the " horrible truth."