Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crazy things children say

 The lesson for the week is on the " crazy" things children say.
 First, most women after they have children don't automatically go back to a size '3' waist line ( of course we wish we could), but the reality is that most of us put on some hips and thighs afterwards. I included myslef in this list of fantasy that I could still imagine that I could wear the clothes I wore before having Laye.
So one day I wanted to test out my curosity to see if I could wear a pair of my old size three jeans. ( ha, ha). While Laye and I were at home one day I dug through the closet, and retrived a pair of my old jeans. I took a look at them, and almost passed out just to see how small they were. ( how could I get my big butt in them?) Well I was going to try regardless of the outcome, or how ridiculous I thought this experiment was at the time.
The jeans, little to say could not fit over my hips, but I continously tried to keep shoving myslef into them. Yet the process became much harder when I ended up having to lay down on the bed to attempt to zip these jeans up. So during this emotional train wreck of hard breathing trying to squeeze my ' mommy hips' in these jeans, laye comes over to me on the bed and says, " mommy you too fat.)!!!!!!!
Well this was a huge blow! I mean of course after reluctless breathing I knew the jeans didn't fit, but to have my two year old daughter confirm this to me made it ten times worse.
Of course I took those jeans off and threw them in the closet. I was not going to attempt to squeeze in them agian, and if I did ever have an urge come across me agian I would make sure Laye would not be around.
So my advice to all future parents...don't try on clothes in front of toddlers. You'll never know what they might tell you about yourslef, but usually the " horrible truth."


  1. This made me laugh! It's funny how kids can be cute even when they're mean.

  2. Adorable mommy-daughter moment! Kids really do say the cutest things even if they're not the things you need to hear exactly. This was extremely cute.

  3. As an aunt, I too know just how brutally honest kids can be. But at the same time, it's refreshing that they say whatever's on their mind.