Thursday, April 28, 2011


My lesson for the week is on how you should spend the holidays with your children as they get older, and really start understanding what the holidays mean.
Laye started talking about Easter and the Easter Bunny a week before the actual sunday. The thursday before Easter her school threw a big easter egg hunt. She was so excited about this; she would not put her easter basket down. My family and I dyed eggs with her, but in the end all she wanted to do was eat them all. On saturday we went to a huge easter egg hunt at ellis park where she got to meet the easter bunny. This did not turn out too well; seeing when she went up to him she started crying for me to come get her. She finally rubbed his arm but that is as fas as that was going. So you can only imagine what that picture look like.
On sunday; Easter, we got all dressed up to go to church. ( Laye loves putting dresses on). We hide easter eggs around the house for her, and she recieved lots of candy. ( not to fun for me). My grandma even called Laye on the phone, and she thought she was talking to the easter bunny. My daughter had so much fun for easter and I was so excited for her. It thrilled me to see how happy she was.
In the end, my advice to all future parents is to enjoy the holidays as much as you can with your children, in the end youll will both have so much fun.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Doggie's Hurt

The lesson for the week is that you should buy your child a dog.
When Laye turned two we got her a puppy so she would have a dog to grow up with her. When I was small I got a dog named Meranda that I had in my life for twenty years. This is the same experience that I wanted my daughter to have.
We named Layes' dog " Suga" and she loves this dog to death. Well when Suga started getting too big we had to start keeping her outside. Well one day Suga got lose and crawled up under the house, and then she got stuck under there. My boyfriend had to climb under the house to get her lose, and when he got her out she was bleeding casue she cut her arm. When I looked over at Laye to see what she was doing while we were all outside I noticed that she had her hands over her little face. I asked her what was wrong and between tears she told me " my Suga hurt mommy." This really had me upset so I had to keep reassuring her that her dog would be okay, and that I would make her better. It really amazed me how much she cared for her dog.
So my advice to all future parents is you'll should buy your kids a pet because it will turn out to become their best friends in life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Singing in Church

My lesson for the week is that you should enjoy every moment of your childs' life; even the smallest things in the world that they do.

I came up in church ( First Freewill Baptist) cause my grandfather has been my pastor my whole life, and a very good teacher about my faith. So it is very important to me, especially as a parent that I teach my daughter about Jesus and bring her up in church at a young age.

Laye has been going to church since she was a baby, and she loves to sing ( even outside of church). I call her my little diva, because since she was really small she started singing and dancing. At church she will even yell Amen while her grandpa is up there preaching.

My whole family sings in church; I guess its something that runs in the family. So while I'm up there singing a song Laye comes with me and sits on the pulpit in front of me. While she is sitting on it she sings the songs with me. If I start crying during a song she will wipe my tears away and say, " mommy its okay." This always touches my heart in a way that is unexplainable to anyone.

Now my daughter and I have always sung the song together, " this little light of mine," and its her absolute favorite song for us to sing together. Well one sunday at church she really suprised me and told me she wanted to go up there to sing. She got up in front of the whole church to sing, " this little light of mine." It was the proudest moment of my whole life watching my two year old sing in church. I was sitting on bench in the back crying like crazy, because what a wonderful, gifted daughter God has blessed me with.

My advice to all future parents, your children have a way of suprising you in life, even just small moments in life. So let them be independent sometimes because they might WOW you...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miss Malaysia and The Frog

My lesson for the week is on how a child will make you watch the same movie about a hundred times a day.
My daughter loves to watch movies, and I do too. Yet when my daughter watches a movie she wants to watch it over and over agian.
Well when Laye turned two a movie called, Princess and the frog had just came out into the world. Now I think the movie was very cute, and I loved watching it with her at first. Then my daughter started wanting to watch the movie everyday, and every chance that she got. She could tell you every word to te movie and sing all the songs. For weeks in our house all you heard was...." when Im human, and Im going to be..." this is from a song in the movie.
Then when we would go to the stores she wanted anything that had princess Tiana involved. My mind started going crazy with frogs. She watched the movie so much that the movie begin to skip places while watching it.
Thankfully she finally moved past the princess and the frog phase, but now we have moved to the " Tangled Movie Phase." Please someone help me before I go Disney Movie crazy......LOL.
So my advice to all future parents, you better have a love for disney movies or become a huge fan because that will be all your child wants to watch 24 hours a day...