Thursday, April 28, 2011


My lesson for the week is on how you should spend the holidays with your children as they get older, and really start understanding what the holidays mean.
Laye started talking about Easter and the Easter Bunny a week before the actual sunday. The thursday before Easter her school threw a big easter egg hunt. She was so excited about this; she would not put her easter basket down. My family and I dyed eggs with her, but in the end all she wanted to do was eat them all. On saturday we went to a huge easter egg hunt at ellis park where she got to meet the easter bunny. This did not turn out too well; seeing when she went up to him she started crying for me to come get her. She finally rubbed his arm but that is as fas as that was going. So you can only imagine what that picture look like.
On sunday; Easter, we got all dressed up to go to church. ( Laye loves putting dresses on). We hide easter eggs around the house for her, and she recieved lots of candy. ( not to fun for me). My grandma even called Laye on the phone, and she thought she was talking to the easter bunny. My daughter had so much fun for easter and I was so excited for her. It thrilled me to see how happy she was.
In the end, my advice to all future parents is to enjoy the holidays as much as you can with your children, in the end youll will both have so much fun.

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  1. Good tip, but my son drove me crazy trying to dye one egg.