Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Doggie's Hurt

The lesson for the week is that you should buy your child a dog.
When Laye turned two we got her a puppy so she would have a dog to grow up with her. When I was small I got a dog named Meranda that I had in my life for twenty years. This is the same experience that I wanted my daughter to have.
We named Layes' dog " Suga" and she loves this dog to death. Well when Suga started getting too big we had to start keeping her outside. Well one day Suga got lose and crawled up under the house, and then she got stuck under there. My boyfriend had to climb under the house to get her lose, and when he got her out she was bleeding casue she cut her arm. When I looked over at Laye to see what she was doing while we were all outside I noticed that she had her hands over her little face. I asked her what was wrong and between tears she told me " my Suga hurt mommy." This really had me upset so I had to keep reassuring her that her dog would be okay, and that I would make her better. It really amazed me how much she cared for her dog.
So my advice to all future parents is you'll should buy your kids a pet because it will turn out to become their best friends in life.

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  1. I agree with your sentiment about buying a "puppy" so that your kid can grow up with it, but sometimes adult dogs can not be as kid friendly. Our first dog when I was 4 was not very kid friendly is my reason for concern, but all in all dogs are awesome!