Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Did you just call the cops on me?

The lesson for the week is on the age that children begin to threaten you.
I always believed my daughter was smart for her age and then one incident occurred that she proved this to me.
I was giving her a bath one night when I had to wash her hair. Now I'm going to tell you this is soemthing she really does not like ever since she was a baby. She is a real ' girly-girl' you better not mess her hair up. Even during the summertime she doesn't like for her hair to get wet when she is in a pool. ;) Well tonight was hair washing time which also means in the land of a three year old, fighting time.
I start off trying to smooth things over by telling her if she washes her hair tonight like a big girl afterwards we can go get some milk when she gets out of the tub. This, of course, did not work at all. So I just had to do things the hard way; wash her hair while she is crying and yelling for her daddy to come get her. The next phase she begins to yell that I am burning her eyes with the soap ( yet no water has even gotten close to her face). She likes to tell me this because she thinks it will allow me to stop washing her hair. Laye will not care if you keep the soap in her hair, but she does not want you to put water in her hair. ( its the oddest thing).
When I finally stopped washing the soap out of her hair, she looked at me so mean. She started poking out those small lips at me, which just makes you melt. Then she grabs her minnie mouse cell phone, and begins to dial random numbers on it. She puts the phone to her ear and says, " come get my mommy." I look at her thinking to myself who is this girl calling, so I ask her " laye, who did you just call?" She turns to look at me with that mean face to say, " I called the cops on you." Let me just say I couldnt stop laughing at her...
So my advice to all future parents...kids are never too young to get you a knock on your door by the po-po.

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  1. It's a heartwarming time when children start fighting back (laughs). Unfortunately for them, it's not that easy to win against mom or dad.