Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Kids Yell Out Embarrassing Things

 The lesson of the week is how a child can always find a way to embarrass you. One week-end Laye, my mom, and myself went shopping at the store Kohl's. It started out as a normal girl's day out, which included a ton of clothes in the buggie for Laye. Which for a three year old seems to always make her smile. When arriving at the check out counter ( also standing in the front of the line of a ton of shoppers) Laye just starts laughing out loud. I look at her with a crazy expression and ask her, " Laye what's so funny?" Then out of no where she yells, " Mommy I Farted...." She begins to laugh some more. Then starts the chain of laughter from my mom, the cashier, and the people who heard her standing in line behind us. At first I have to admit I was a little beyond embarrassed, so I told Laye " you're not suppose to tell everyone that you farted." Well this didn't help to tell a three year old, she just started dancing around singing in her little voice " I farted..I farted." ( while in her own little world). At this point what could I do as a parent but laugh myself. So my advice to all future parents is try not to be " embarrassed" by the things your children say, because honestly they're just trying to learn their own vocabulary.               

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  1. The mental image of this in my head is fantastic. I'm glad you weren't that embarrassed, because that is really funny.