Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Parenthood is a blessing to go through in our lifes. Blah blah blah...Now this is what my blog really is about. Its about the things that happened to you as a parent that you can't read in a book on , " this is how you raise a child 101." This is about the things that children do to make you laugh, cry, and even want to pull your hair out.
First and foremost my daughter Laye-Laye will be turning three in a few weeks, and myself ( mama-b) is currently in her senior year in college. Now you can only imagine my normal day; getting Laye ready for daycare, going to classes all day, work all night, and then start the day all over agian. one..two..three...Screaming!!!
First lesson of the week is on potty training. Imagine your child at two using her own potty, and doing everything right. Now imagine this night...
Its a typical night that I have Laye taking a bath in the tub. Shes playing around; laughing and smiling. Out of nowhere she says, " mommy look, whats in here?" So I turn to look to see whats in the water thinking it might be a piece of paper or something. Instead what do I see but a floating " turd." I say " Laye, did you poop in the tub?" She replys " well yes mommy." All I could do was sit there laughing at her cause all along she knew she pooped in the tub.
So my advice to all future parents, make sure your child goes to the potty before bath time.


  1. i like your blog..keeping it REAL on parenthood

  2. Great idea! I can not wait to hear more stories about you and your daughter and some of parenting tips that you only gain through experience.